The writers mention Robin

I won’t comment on this. You can take from it what you want.

During the panel, you hinted not to trust Hades. Can you elaborate on that?

AH: What we were talking about, to be perfectly clear, isn’t that Robin’s not dead. It’s that Hades said he obliterated Robin’s soul, and for us, our attitude is, well, you know, a good and pure soul like Robin’s, could that really just be obliterated and destroyed? Or is that just something that a horrible villain like Hades said?

EK: When I said “I chose to believe in hope” [during the panel], what I meant was I believe that Robin Hood, his soul moved on as we saw Cora’s did. So if we saw someone who is as awful as Cora can redeem herself and move on, someone as noble as Robin Hood should move on, and Hades saying that, to me, I feel like is, I don’t buy it. And we’re going to explore that.


OUAT cast mentions Sean

The cast attended the SDCC last weekend. During one of their interviews Leanne Aguilera asked about Sean and Robin. Check out the clip below:

Happy Birthday, Flynn!

Today is Flynn’s 1st birthday (I know, it feels like it was just yesterday that Sean announced Tanya’s pregnancy) and I wanna wish him the best. May he grow up to be as strong, smart and amazing as his parents. I wish him a lifetime of happiness, health, love, joy and laughter.


Win Tickets for the ‘Songs For Amy’ London Premiere

As many of you know Sean’s movie ‘Songs for Amy’ will premiere on August 5, 2016 in London, at The Courthouse Hotel. The movie screens at 7.30pm. You can find all the information and buy tickets here.

You can also enter this competition and win two tickets:

The Making Of Feature Film ‘Songs for Amy’

The Making Of Feature Film 'Songs for Amy' from Fiona Graham on Vimeo.

The Making Of Feature Film 'Songs for Amy' goes behind the scenes on location in Ireland, on set with interviews from Konrad Begg (Director) Fiona Graham (Writer/ Producer), Sean Maguire (Lead Actor) and members of the terrific ensemble cast including Lorna Anderson, Kevin Ryan, Ford Kiernan (also Exec producer), Ross Mac Mahon, Barry Ward and Larry Love and Nick Reynolds from The Alabama 3 who play themselves. The film also features their music. Interviews with Ultan Conlon and Jim Mckee feature in the Making Of Songs for Amy, discussing the role of their music in the film and how it all came together. We hope you enjoy it!

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