Exclusive Interview for Sean Maguire Daily

The other week, I had the pleasure of meeting Sean again. It was my first time at a con in the US and my first time in the US and I loved every second of it.
When I got to the con, Sean recognized me right away and introduced me to his handler as his official website runner and hugged me. Needless to say, that alone made me appreciate him even more than I already do. We talked a bit and I asked him if there was any chance to ever get an exclusive interview for the site. He didn’t hesitate and immediately said yes.
So after lunch, I got the chance to interview Sean and ask him a couple of questions. Enjoy!

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Timeless ‘1.04 Party at Castle Varlar’ Additional Stills

Earlier, I added tons of new HQ stills and BTS pictures from ‘1.04 Party at Castle Varlar’ to the gallery. Enjoy!

On Timeless, Lucy’s shaken (but not stirred)

Another great review for last nights episode of Timeless.

This is perhaps a stretch, but those are all qualities one hopes to see in a good spy (a good fictional spy, anyway), and “Party at Castle Varlar” has got one of those, too. Sean Maguire’s (Once Upon a Time) turn as Ian Fleming marks a high point for Timeless guest stars to date. It’s a winning performance of a character that offers plenty of opportunities for both fun and high-stakes action (and we get both). The thing that works best about Fleming as a character, however, is this: his presence matters, both actively and thematically, to all three of our leads, and that makes a hell of a difference.

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Timeless Recap: Quantum Leap of Solace

Great recap and well deserved praise for Sean’s performance which was brilliant.

A guest-star spot has got to be one of the toughest gigs in the acting biz, the way an actor has to hold his own among any number of established characters, so I must give big props to Sean Maguire (one of those been-around-forever character actors; geez, anyone else remember Off Centre? The Class?) for inhabiting his part so deeply and naturally. I dare say I reacted to his magnetic onscreen presence much like the Scooby Gang did, with my stomach slightly aflutter. Never has a line on Timeless felt so historically accurate as when Wyatt insists, “That’s Ian Fleming. The Ian Fleming.”

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Sean Breaks Down His TIMELESS James Bond Twist

Another great article from Sydney Bucksbaum for Nerdist. Enjoy!

“I thought it was great!” Maguire told us with a laugh. “This show is not just for guys. It’s for girls too and I think for a girl to see another girl having a kind of James Bond hitting on you and you go, ‘Nah!’ That’s such a big girl empowerment moment. I think it’s so cool. If he had just gotten his way, that would have been predictable. But for her to go, ‘No, I don’t think so,’ it gave her character a lot of charm and strength. I thought it was a great way to get the audience to laugh at the end.”

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Once Upon a Time: Sean Can’t Wait to Reunite With Colin O’Donoghue

How can you not love this man? Another amazing interview with Kelsie Gibson.

PS: What has the fan support meant to you?
Sean Maguire: It’s crazy! I don’t think there would be any Robin Hood coming back if it wasn’t for them. It’s their response to the character’s death that has prompted this return, because I certainly didn’t imagine — I thought it was done and we were finished. So, I was quite surprised to get the call and I was told that it was as a result of people being very, very kind and very supportive and making their feelings heard.

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