Exclusive Interview: Diversity, goals and speaking his mind

I was in Phoenix the other weekend attending Phoenix Comicon and once again I was fortunate to do an interview with Sean. I’m very grateful to him for taking the time to do this. It means a lot to me that he appreciates the work I do and trusts me the way he does. I don’t take any of this for granted. It means so much to me.

Once again, I got to observe Sean with the fans and it’s always beautiful to see it. He really adores his fans. Phoenix Comicon was one where you could come up to Sean just to say hi without having to buy something like with some of the other celebrities and he didn’t treat those fans any different than paying ones. I love that. I also noticed that he would ask everyone what their names are. That is something that I find really awesome. That shows so much respect in my opinion.

I really had so much fun at this con. I got a lot of quality time with Sean and my friends and I am forever grateful for it.

I hope you all enjoy the questions and Sean’s answers. Let me know what you think of the interview.

Also, a huge thanks to my friend Maggie for beta reading this and helping me edit it.

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Baby Boy on the Way for Sean Maguire

Congrats to the Maguires! I’m very excited for Sean, Tanya and Flynn but also excited because PEOPLE featured my site and parts of my interview in their article. That’s very flattering.

Robin of Locksley is going to be a dad — again!

Sean Maguire‘s rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively that the Once Upon a Time actor, 41, and his wife Tanya, a former police detective, are set to welcome their second son in December. (Son Flynn Patrick turns 2 next month.)

“This one’s just heard he’s getting a baby brother for Christmas … ” read a flyer featuring a photo of Flynn that the couple passed out to family and friends by way of announcement.

The English actor and mom-to-be married in October 2012. Of parenting, he told Sean Maguire Daily in December that fatherhood has made him think more globally.

“Where it once used to be ‘Well, this will do me’ you now think of what the world will be like when [you] have a child,” said Maguire, who works regularly for Oxfam International and recently organized a benefit in Los Angeles alongside director Julie Anne Robinson that raised money to assist toward the Syrian refugee crisis.

“The first thing I think about when we talk about parenting is the environment. Climate change is a real thing,” he added. “Being a parent is providing a safe future for our children and regardless of what your politics are, climate change is not up for negotiation. It’s a real thing … So, parenthood has made me feel more responsibility for that.”

Maguire — who is also a supporter of NRDC and Planned Parenthood, and admits his biggest pet peeve is “ignorance” — noted that his hopes for his son are to encourage him in whatever he wants to do in life while keeping him grounded.

“I would encourage [Flynn] to do whatever his passion is but if he wanted to become an actor, I would make him very aware of the reality of the job and the reality of the success rate, which I think is [that] less than 5 percent of actors make over 30 grand a year,” the star told Sean Maguire Daily.

“So if you like stuff and money, this is probably not the right game unless you become very successful, in which case you make a lot of money,” he added. “I would encourage him to do what inspires him but I certainly wouldn’t encourage him to get into this profession. That’s certainly for sure.”


Exclusive: The Happy Ending Convention by M.

I added my HQ images from last weekend in Paris at the The Happy Ending Convention. Enjoy!

Please don’t repost on other fansites without permission. If used for edits please credit SMD. Thanks 🙂

‘Phoenix Comicon’ Panel

I’m finally home and working on getting things up from last weeks Phoenix Comicon. Here is the full panel in HD exclusively for SMD. Please don’t repost this. We were given permission by Julie Caitlin Brown herself to put this up.

A huge thanks to my friend Stacy for recording this <3

Exclusive: Phoenix Comicon by Eva

A huge thanks to my great friend Eva for these amazing pics from the panel at ‘Phoenix Comicon’

Please don’t repost these anywhere else unless you got permission.

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