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Happy Birthday, Sean!

Happy Birthday, Sean!

For the past 4 months, I have asked fans to make their birthday present for Sean a donation. Every donation would equal one Golden Heart and every Golden Heart would be $1 that I would donate to a charity of Sean’s choosing.

I’m happy to say that we got a total of 140 Golden Hearts which means a donation of $140 to the White Helmets (I included a screencap of the donation I just made below).

A big thank you to the Hoodies below without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. Some donated multiple times to various charities. You guys truly have Hearts of Gold just like Sean.

AbbieLouise_22, AEBrim, ainycoco, angry_fish, ankareeda, arrow_true, audreysl0ve, b0llyknick3rs, BelovedFeather, bluedelft65, blugalaxz, Codonoghuecom, EvilRegalOutlaw, fredsmyangel, givennotstolen, GlindaLoveShoes, iambigmicro, idoltina16, JcmylsKatia, jenningzzz, jholden23, KateJaneway25, Koba774, ladrine89, lalakate1028, LanaMariaSwan, LBradz, Maguiretini, MediaKAT1912, MindyD1013, NicoleLeeTV, ouater, parriIlamaguire, parrillaxgomez, politeregal, pushme_pullme, queenrxgina, quiller_queen, RebaNellFan93, Regal_Bekki, RegalMeggan, RegalPixieDust, rockchalk4583, soligblomma, SomewhereApart, SongOfFairies, stacy_e_k, stargate_barbie, stargazingM31, starscythe, struckbyColfer, SweetonDreams, teresasortiz, thisisamadhous3, timiofficial, WoolGrillRegal

Interview with OUAT Spoof

Check out this wonderful interview with Erin Stegeman from OUAT Spoof.
I also added HD screencaptures to the gallery. Enjoy!

Interview with Once Upon A Fan

Check out this wonderful interview with Once Upon A Fan. Sean talks about the reasons behind the benefit, what it was like playing two different versions of Robin and his fans.
I also added HD screencaptures to the gallery. Enjoy!

Exclusive: Comedy Not Conflict By Stacy

A huge thanks to my friend Stacy for these great pics from the red carpet of Sean’s benefit last night.

Please don’t repost these anywhere else unless you got permission.

Humane Society of Utah

During the FanX convention in Utah, Sean and Emilie did a little PSA for Humane Society of Utah. Check out HD screencaptures and some beautiful HQ pictures of Sean and Emilie and the video below.

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