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Interview with One Love All Equal

Sean did an exclusive interview with One Love All Equal. Make sure to read it.

OLAE: Is there any additional message or words that you would like to share with our readers?

SM: Keep fighting the good fight. We’re getting there.

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Exclusive Interview: Sean talks about the important things in life and more

I attended the HVFF in Atlanta a while ago and had the pleasure of meeting Sean again. I was also lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview him again.
I’m forever grateful for all the love and support I get from him. It’s something that I don’t take for granted and that means a lot to me.

What I can tell you about Sean Maguire is that every single person that met him that weekend walked away with a huge smile on their faces (and a hug). He gives so much to his fans and is grateful to every single one of them and I’m pretty sure that everyone that met him fell in love with him some more after this weekend. He is a great guy who really cares, who takes the time and really listens, who will give you a hug to make you feel better and who simply says it as it is and all that is what makes him so charming and what his fans love about him.

Thank you, Sean!

Read the interview and get to know Sean better. I hope you enjoy!

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Once Upon a Time: Sean Can’t Wait to Reunite With Colin O’Donoghue

How can you not love this man? Another amazing interview with Kelsie Gibson.

PS: What has the fan support meant to you?
Sean Maguire: It’s crazy! I don’t think there would be any Robin Hood coming back if it wasn’t for them. It’s their response to the character’s death that has prompted this return, because I certainly didn’t imagine — I thought it was done and we were finished. So, I was quite surprised to get the call and I was told that it was as a result of people being very, very kind and very supportive and making their feelings heard.

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TIMELESS’ Sean Talks Playing Ian Fleming, the Real Life James Bond

Check out another amazing interview with Sean that he did with Sydney Bucksbaum for Nerdist.

What’s the only thing better than playing James Bond? Playing the real-life spy who created him. Timeless is about to travel back in time to when famous spy and author Ian Fleming was the one introducing himself as “Fleming. Ian Fleming,” and Sean Maguire, the lucky actor who got the chance to portray the most famous secret agent in the world, still can’t believe he was able to take on one of his dream roles.

“It was pure joy,” Maguire tells Nerdist of joining Timeless as Ian Fleming. “Obviously there is a little bit of trepidation when you’re going to play an iconic character like that. But [even though] he’s an icon, not many people have seen Ian Fleming talk. It’s not like trying to impersonate Muhammad Ali, or somebody that everyone has seen walk and talk. I got to relax into it and realize that we were trying to capture the essence of where Bond came from.”

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Timeless: Sean talks playing James Bond author Ian Fleming

Before Sean Maguire returns as Robin Hood to ABC’s Once Upon a Time, he’ll be making another time-ly stop, as James Bond creator Ian Fleming on NBC’s time-travel drama Timeless. But stepping into Fleming’s shoes didn’t mean sitting at a desk, spinning spy stories; instead, Maguire’s Fleming is a spy himself, as the real Fleming had served in the British intelligence during World War II.

When the trio — Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), and Wyatt (Matt Lanter) — wind up in Nazi Germany, they’ll need Fleming’s help. Maguire spoke with EW about playing the real James Bond for the series’ fourth episode, and teases what to expect.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What drew you to the role?
SEAN MAGUIRE: It’s a rare one. I wasn’t going to do guest spots for a little bit because I’m trying to finish something that I’m writing, but then my manager said, “Look, this is Ian Fleming, and it’s on this really new, cool show,” and I was like, “Oh my God, Ian Fleming! Are you kidding?” So I was more than happy to give it a go. And I have to say, I just had such a wonderful time. I felt like a kid in a candy store. It was like going to Bond fantasy camp for two weeks.

How did this set compare to the others you’ve been on? The showrunners of Timeless have talked before about how much of a challenge it is to create a new era for every episode.
It was epic. It’s an epic ask of this crew to create a completely new world every week. Normally with a show, you have your main sets and then you have to tweak them for your storylines, but with this they have to create an entirely new world and an entirely new time, and so I think a huge credit has to go to the production staff who just worked so tirelessly. You can see it obviously means a lot to them because the results have been phenomenal.

Now, about Ian Fleming. How much pressure did you feel going into the role?
Well, the work is always a bit daunting because you’re inhabiting somebody new, and if it’s somebody iconic like Fleming, then yeah it’s a little more daunting… It’s the same with Robin Hood; you’re daunted on the first day but after that, you just go, “Right, I’ve made my choice,” and you learn to enjoy it. And with this one, I really, really did. I just thought he was charming and sort of fly-by-night and kind of, if facing death in the face, will go, “Well, let’s have a drink!” [Laughs.] I can understand that guy a bit. I’ve gotta say, full credit goes to Jim Barnes, the writer [of the episode], because not only was the script excellent, but he was on set the whole time and was willing to explain what a certain line meant. It just made the creative process so much more fulfilling for me as an actor.

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