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Interview with Once Upon A Fan

Check out this wonderful interview with Once Upon A Fan. Sean talks about the reasons behind the benefit, what it was like playing two different versions of Robin and his fans.
I also added HD screencaptures to the gallery. Enjoy!

OUAT ‘6.14 Page 23’ Clips

Here are the HD clips from Sean’s last episode. Enjoy!


OUAT ‘6.14 Page 23’ Screencaptures

Check out the logoless HD screencaptures from Sean’s last OUAT episode.

OUAT ‘6.13 Ill-Boding Patterns’ Clips

Here are the HD clips from Sunday’s episode. Enjoy!


OUAT ‘6.13 Ill-Boding Patterns’ Screencaptures

I updated the gallery with amazing logoless HD screencaptures from last nights episode. Enjoy!

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