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OUAT ‘6.11 Tougher Than The Rest’ Promo #2

The Bill ‘9.15 A Better Life’ Clips

I updated the video archive with clips from Sean’s appearance on ‘The Bill’. Enjoy!


OUAT ‘6.10 Wish You Were Here’ Clip

As promised, here is the short HD clip of Robin returning to OUAT! Enjoy!


‘Heroes&Villains Fan Fest’ Panel

So, I’m back from Atlanta and once again I had the best time thanks to Sean, Bex, Emilie and my amazing friends.

Here are the HD clips from the panel. It’s the entire panel. Also, I wanna apologize for the shaky clips. I couldn’t hold still and yes the focus is mainly on Sean even though you hear the others talking. I would say I’m sorry about that but I’m not lol

Timeless ‘1.04 Party at Castle Varlar’ Clips

As promised here are the HD clips of Sean’s appearance on ‘Timeless’. I recommend that you still watch the entire episode because it was an amazing episode and all the cast did a brilliant job.


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