‘Magazine Feature’ Campaign


The lovely mods from fyprinceofthieves and I got together in hopes to get Sean featured in a print magazine with a new photoshoot and interview. Just like with any campaign, the support of the fans is important to make it successful. So we are asking all Sean fans to help us out.

For more information go to fyprinceofthieves

Spread the word and help us make it happen.

‘Eve’ S1 Stills

I will be working on the ‘Eve’ section the next couple of days. Today, I added HQ S1 stills. Enjoy!

On a side note: I need Sean to appear on Queen Latifah’s show just so she can show the clip of her singing to him and him being all smitten with her 😆

2014 Emmy Awards Gifting Suite

Sean attended the 2014 Emmy Awards Gifting Suite last night. Unfortunately, there is only one pic out so far. Hopefully, there will be more soon. He looks really good though.

‘LA Blues’ Screencaptures

I just finished watching and capping Sean’s movie ‘LA Blues’ and I loved it. Great mix between comedy and drama. I loved how much Sean’s character loved his daughter. Great acting from Sean. You should definitely check this out 🙂

A big thanks to Maggie for getting me the movie.

‘What’s Cooking?’ Clips

As promised, here are the clips from Sean’s appearance on ‘What’s Cooking?’. I esp love the part (second clip) where he talks about his wife Tanya.


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