Friday, December 6, 2019

Q&A Dutch Comic Con 2017 – Day 1 & Day 2

[youtube] [youtube]

Exclusive: Various Conventions by aunt_ana

These pics are exclusive to our site with a huge thanks to aunt_ana. Please don't repost these anywhere else unless you got permission. Gallery Links Daydream Ever...

The Happy Ending Convention by Rostercon

I updated the gallery with some amazing photos from The Happy Ending Convention on Sunday. Thanks to Roster Con for these! Gallery Links 2018 > 2018-05-06: The...

‘Night ItaCon’ Day 1 & Day 2

Finally some pics from the 'Night ItaCon' and I just freakin love them. Sean looks so good in them and I just love his...

‘Dragon*Con’ Panel (Saturday)

[youtube] [youtube] [youtube] Credit: softballprincess541

‘Once Upon A Time’ Full Panel

Screencaptures sometime tomorrow. [youtube]

Magic City Comic Con – Day 3

Florida Supercon released so many amazing HQ images from the Magic City Comic Con - Day 3. I uploaded the Sean pictures to the...

‘Magic City Comic Con’ Sunday Panel

Thanks to Maggie R for the heads up. Florida Supercon posted the full video of the Sunday panel. Enjoy! [youtube]

‘Denver Comic Con’ Clip

[youtube] Credit: tbhnerd

‘Fairy Tale Convention’ Day 2 Q&A Roundup – Part 2

(Thanks to OnceUponAFan for the coverage! Follow their twitter for live updates!) Sean Maguire: Sean would love to be a villain, either the Evil Queen or...

‘Supanova’ Clips

I'm behind on posting these. Sorry about that. I pretty much spent the last week working and when at hpme with reading reviews and...

‘Regal Con’ Promo


‘Creation Toronto’ – Ask A Oncer

Creation posted this little video yesterday. I made HD screencaptures of it. Enjoy! Gallery Links Conventions > 2017-05-06: Creation Toronto - Ask A Oncer

‘Dragon*Con’ Clips

[youtube] [youtube] [youtube] Credit: redrockcan's channel

‘AC BC’ Clips

If you haven't already been totally in love with Sean before you will definitely be after this. I would give anything to just have...